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Josef Martinez: Man of a few words

“Mic’d Up” kinda.

I’m a fan of great social content. It’s sort of my job. I post interesting videos from all over the internet for various sites around the SB Nation network. I’ve enjoyed Atlanta United’s offerings so far this season, especially their “Mic’d Up” series where they put a microphone on a player during training. Josef Martinez’s episode is quite unique.

His episode included a remarkably low 10 total words spoken by the main subject. Two of which were “Parky,” referring to team captain Michael Parkhurst who was the only other player to speak during the episode. He belts out a massive 18-word essay in the middle of the production, nearly doubling the featured player’s word usage. While Josef didn’t say much, he seems like a great teammate and always happy to be around he fellow players. What he lacks in verbal communication he more than makes up for in giddy random noises of excitement. He obviously saves his talking for matchdays on the field.