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Learn the Childish Gambino-inspired Atlanta United chant that’s sweeping the nation

I bet it sounds even better with 50,000 people singing it.

Before Atlanta United’s inaugural season began there was a little bit of worry among the general fan base that the team’s supporters wouldn’t have many original songs to sing. Thankfully, those worries were alleviated as several songs and chants were adopted quickly and turned into quick traditions that fill Bobby Dodd Stadium (and soon to Mercedes-Benz Stadium) on a weekly basis.

However, there’s still much room on the Atlanta supporter’s song list. Earlier this year, Curtis Jenkins of Footie Mobb teamed up with a couple of the DSS staff (yes, we’re extremely biased and anxious to see this song work) to remix Childish Gambino’s (Donald Glover) hit some “3005” into a song to be sung at Atlanta United matches.

Footie Mob went to GPB today to teach the station’s news anchor, Rickey Bevington, the Gambino song and she nailed it in one take. There’s absolutely no reason many others can’t learn it and have BDS or MBS filled with the lyrics of Atlanta’s finest actor/rapper/comedian. Please make this a thing, I beg of you.

No matter if you win or if you lose

You’re not alone, we’ll always be with you

A-Town’s standing with pride, we’ll be right by your side

til 3000 and 5, hold up...