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Darren Eales out here casually roasting Orlando City

Guy is savage

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Atlanta United FC Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

So I’m sitting at my desk, doing my thing where I flip from my work browser window to my Twitter for some mindless nonsense, when all of a sudden I see Darren Eales throwing SHADE at Orlando City.

That is so great. When I’m feeling down — maybe a little stressed — Darren lifts me up. Now, we all know that Eales is a terrific businessman and manager of the club’s operations. He’s overseen one of the biggest groundswells of support this city has seen in decades, whether for a sports team or anything else. Now, I’ll be honest here, the one thing about Darren that might make an unknowing fan skeptical of him would be his true pride and commitment to Atlanta. I’d forgive someone for making such a misguided character judgement, what with his English accent and all.

That’s what makes little things like this so good. This is exactly the kind of prank you or I would set up if we were in Eales’s shoes. So, in essence, it just proves that he’s one of us. Not just in his employment but in his heart. The way he takes joy in irritating Orlando City fans is glorious and I, for one, can’t wait for the next jab.