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Atlanta United sell out every home match at Bobby Dodd Stadium


It’s officially official. Atlanta United supporters have sold out every match held at the temporary home of Bobby Dodd Stadium. While currently leading the entire league in attendance in their first year, the ninth and final sell out was announced by the team on Tuesday:

At this rate it’s become old hat for these type of announcements. Even though they are still mightily impressive, it’s become almost expected now. We can only hope the momentum doesn’t let up any time soon as everything transitions into Mercedes-Benz Stadium starting in September.

Single-game tickets for MBS go on sale later this week. There was a bit of a hubbub about the team announcing it would only open up the new stadium to full capacity for two matches for the remainder of the season. However, if you go out there an keep buying tickets to prove the demand is more than anticipated, they could change their minds. It’s up to you to keep the hype going.