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A sneak peek at how football and soccer lines will work at Mercedes-Benz Stadium


One of the biggest worries for any fanbase of a soccer team who shares a stadium with an NFL team is playing on football lines. It’s basically a nightmare scenario that’s played out plenty of times in the past of MLS teams being second rate in the eyes of the venues they play in. Arthur Blank promised us a long time ago that we wouldn’t see any football lines during Atlanta United matches.

Photos taken from the live stream camera inside MBS has given us an example of just how easy it will be for the grounds crew to convert the field from football to soccer usage.

Thanks to the use of special water soluble "paint" and special machines that look like grass Zambonis changing the lines on the field appears to be as easy as erasing a dry erase board and starting all over. The club and ownership have literally thought of every single detail to make Atlanta United a top organization.