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25 Days until Atlanta United play in Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Less than a month.

Yesterday was a busy day for Mercedes-Benz Stadium as it opened its doors for the media to tour around and post pictures on the internet to make us feel inferior (kidding). Our own Sam Franco was in attendance and wrote up a little something on his experience here.

Darren Eales also had some remarks at the tour about possibly breaking the MLS single-season attendance record. He’s hoping the two full capacity matches will put them over the top, starting with Orlando City on September 16.

Now, for your fact of the day regarding MBS. So much money has been spent erecting this wondrous structure. What’s the most important aspect of all this steel and concrete? Beer of course. While you may have had to wait way too long for your favorite alcoholic beverage at Bobby Dodd Stadium, by sheer force, MBS will make sure you never go wanting. According to a nugget revealed at the media tour, MBS contains a total of 1,264 beer taps. Just a mere 1,234 more than BDS had...

Drink up...