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MLS Fantasy Rekrap: Week 24

A limited but still exciting double game week

MLS: Portland Timbers at Toronto FC Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was quite the week. No player had a points explosion, and even with some high scoring games, the best players in the game were mostly quiet. Only the Columbus Crew had a high offensive score produced by their fantasy favorites. Looking at the dreamteam, only two players had an ownership rate of higher than 10%. Luckily this means that nobody did particularly well with the highest score at 107 points and the average at a paltry 53 points.

Fortunately, this is another week giving owners a new chance to pick up the best players in the league only to watch them put up two points while the Tony Beltrans of the world make the dreamteam. There is a double game week coming up so rosters lock at 7PM EST on Wednesday. The teams that will give owners a chance at big points have their share of challenges though so take that into account before making transfers.

Anyway, onto the rekrap...

Giving 11:10%

This might as well just be the David Villa is really good at soccer portion of the post from now on. He score a goal, again, and now has 11 goals in the past 10 games. It is a terrifying run of form and that’s why, that is why David Villa has 59 goals for the Spanish National Team. It’s enough that I wish there were grumblings that he should be called up for the World Cup qualifiers only to be left off the squad so that Deadspin would write a condescending article about how MLS is bad and he isn’t good enough to take on Lichtenstein.


I’m giving a collective bad to my midfield - especially Sacha Kljestan and Lee Nguyen who both scored three points. For how much they cost it doesn’t feel so much like a let down as it does a robbery. For the cost of one Kljestan I could have had a Sean Davis and 80% of a Marky Delgado on my team.

A whole lot of nothing

There were 8 cleansheets this weekend out of a possible 20. That’s a lot and it made for a number of lopsided scorelines. Of the matches that had goals in them only three were decided by less than two goals. Of the games where there was a cleansheet, only one was a 0-0 draw.

Rekrap’s roster

I’m going with a switcheroo until at least I see the Chicago and Montreal lineups this evening. Both teams are struggling but with two home games it is too hard to pass up Montreal and Chicago has faded a bit and Nikolic has gone cold, but he is quality and two games is plenty of time to get back to form.

As far as the other picks, Seattle is taking on a dreadful Minnesota United team who added a winger when they needed defensive and central midfield help. Diego Valeri and the Portland Timbers host a NYRB team that just played a 120 minute match in Cincinnati where they chased the game for a good part of that time.

Other picks to look out for are Christian Roldan or even Jordan Morris for Seattle and Chris Wondolowski has a great matchup against Philly this weekend as well.

Rekrap’s rejects

They’ve been on a tear lately but I think the Red Bulls record overstates the place in the table they deserve. The team has been playing and beating the absolute dregs of the league and now go to Portland to take on a side that doesn’t have glaring weaknesses outside of the coach’s box.