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A guide to Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Everything you need to know about the world’s greatest stadium

News: Mercedes-Benz Stadium Open House Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Mercedes-Benz Stadium will open it’s doors to Atlanta United fans on Saturday as the squad trains in their new home for the first time, but September 10th will officially mark the first home game in the new stadium.

With everything finally coming together, it’s time we cover all the bases in regards to the billion dollar stadium. With so much to cover, sit back and relax while we discuss all the ins and outs of the greatest stadium ever sponsored by Mercedes-Benz.

Seats, seats and more seats

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is gigantic and at it’s most, it can hold up to 83,000 fans. The capacity for the Atlanta United games will sit at 42,500, with the rest of the seating covered by retractable curtains.

Atlanta’s newest home will host some of the most energetic crowds for both Atlanta United and the Atlanta Falcons, kick starting what may be a new era for Atlanta sports.

Reasonably priced food

You’ve probably heard by now that Mercedes-Benz Stadium is set to offer the lowest prices for concessions in all of professional sports. We all love food and no one wants to spend $10 for a cheeseburger or $15 for a beer at a sporting event.

Atlanta United and Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank has made a giant step in customer satisfaction by lowering concession prices and making stadium meals affordable for everyone in attendance.

For those that enjoy the occasional beer, Mercedes-Benz Stadium has 1,264 beer taps so there’s no need to worry about a shortage. Enjoy some of your favorite restaurant’s, such as Chick-fil-a, Papa John’s and Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q.

Notable Features

There’s a giant metal Falcon that sits outside the stadium, which is hopefully accompanied by a giant metal Miguel Almiron sooner rather than later.

When in use by Atlanta United, the field is 75 yards wide, which is a huge advantage according to club president Darren Eales. Eales went on to speak about the possibility of the stadium hosting a World Cup game if the United States’ 2026 bid is successful.

The east end of the stadium provides an incredible view of Atlanta’s skyline, the perfect backdrop for a night of sports. The eight-panel roof of the stadium is unique, with no other like it in the world, and is retractable on occasion (although not yet).

The stadium boasts a high definition halo board, a video screen, that stretches around the dome. The 58 foot tall and 63,000 square foot board provides a perfect place to show the replays of Atlanta United goals.

For Atlanta United games, the netting on each goal will be red and black, adding to the extreme details that have gone into this new “sports cathedral.” Those in charge of the stadium’s design and construction have done an excellent job in creating a balance between Atlanta United and the Atlanta Falcons.

After it officially opens on August 26th, head out to Mercedes-Benz Stadium as much as you can and root on your sports teams while you enjoy reasonably priced food. Sports and food alongside a view of the beautiful city of Atlanta, it’s the perfect package.

Did we mention there’s a giant metal Falcon statue? Seriously, go take a picture with it.