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19 Days until Atlanta United play in Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Still too many...

Sprint Posts First Quarterly Net Profit In Three Years Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It seems like being an Atlanta United fan these days is all about waiting. You’d think that three-year wait for the inaugural season to begin would be good training for it, but it’s still as unbearable as ever. We’re waiting for the team to return from a two-week break and we’re waiting for the first-ever match at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. That date is just 19 days away. While we wait, here’s another interesting fact about The ‘Benz:

The stadium’s WiFi will run at a blazing 80 Gbps, which will allow you to upload, download and stream any and everything with ease while you’re at your favorite sporting event or musical act or whatever kids do these days.

Designed by IBM and powered by AT&T WiFi, the stadium has more than 1,800 wireless access points and 4,000 miles of fiber optics to deliver blazing fast connectivity without even having to type in a password or watch an ad. (via Front Office Sports)

So, the question is, what are you going to do with all that WiFi? Please don’t say the obvious...