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Atlanta United at Philadelphia Union: Staff Predictions

Three days after the complete mess against D.C. United, Atlanta looks to rebound along with our predicting

MLS: Atlanta United FC at D.C. United Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

After another ugly loss to the team at the bottom of the East for the third time, we would like to quickly move on and look forward to game ahead at Philly. Looking back at our predictions, both staff and fans, we could do a lot better as we all predicted the wrong result.

Prediction Standings.csv

DSS Staff Names Record Overall DSS Fan Names Fan Record Overall
DSS Staff Names Record Overall DSS Fan Names Fan Record Overall
Andrew Hathaway 0-1 @mafuada 0-1
Christian Candler 0-1 @Todd-M-Anderson 0-1
Jesmary Lorenzo 0-1 @Atlheel 0-1
Joe Patrick 0-1 @chrisjonesatl 0-1
John Fuller 0-1 @Wilson Wise 0-1
Parker Cleveland 0-1 @CuriouslyOffToTheSide 0-1
Rob Usry 0-1 @AndyWatkins 0-1
Sam Jones 0-1 @architechguy82 0-1
Sydney Hunte 0-1 @Ignacio Diaz 0-1
Victor Tun 0-1 @39smooth 0-1
Exempt Exempt @PenthouseTiger 0-1
Andrew Hathaway

Andrew Hathaway (0-1)

ATL 1 - PHI 2 (Martinez, Alberg, Medunjanin)

After all the optimism from the last game, I’ve decided to take the pessimistic look. While Philly hasn’t been playing great they still have one of the better keepers in the league with Blake and Atlanta has too many costly turnovers which lead to Philly’s two goals.

Jesmary Lorenzo (0-1)

ATL > PHI (Atlanta goals - Someone, anyone, multiple times Philadelphia goals- No one, if they're lucky maybe a Walkes OG)

I'm so depressed about Wednesday's game that I don't know what to say or think about the upcoming road match against another awful team in Philadelphia. I don't know how but we HAVE to get 3 points and I think we are? Maybe? I'm not very optimistic but Atlanta are the better team and they should. We just have to score more goals than the other team, pretty simple right?

Joe Patrick (0-1)

ATL 1 - PHI 2 (Martinez, Sapong x2)

It's hard for me to imagine things playing out much differently than what happened midweek. Considering our problems seemed to stem from our low physical levels, I could see Philadelphia employing a similar rope-a-dope tactic that D.C. used so effectively.

John Fuller (0-1)

ATL 2 - PHI 1 (Martinez, Peterson, Sapong)

The Union are 1-3-1 in their last five, and were thumped 3-0 in Toronto Wednesday evening. They will be playing at home, but with less rest and training than ATLUTD, who stayed in Philly after the DC debacle. This is also a team with an interim coach, got a tattooist but no players in the transfer window, and seems to have no personality. Look for ATLUTD to bounce back with the win

Parker Cleveland (0-1)

ATL 3 - PHI 1

Here's a good faith prediction! I have no idea how this game plays out. On the one hand, Philly has either scored or allowed three goals in four of their last six games. On the other, Atlanta has offered nothing going forward for four games. LGP gets a hat trick in this one

Rob Usry (0-1)

ATL 3 - PHI 1 (Almiron x2, Gressel, Sapong)

Wednesday was a wake up call for the team. They'll come out with something to prove in Philly and get off to a fast start with a goal or two early. Philly will nick one off of a set piece after half time to make us sweat before we finish off the win late. Or none of that happens and we lose again, but I'm trying to be optimistic!

Sam Jones (0-1)

PHI 17 - 76 ATL

Larentowicz with 5, Almiron with 8, Gressel with 3, Asad with 6, Tito with 1, Tata with 4, Eales with 2 and Chris McCann with the rest as a late sub.

I know what I wrote, don't @ me.

(Sapong scores all 17 for the Union)

Sydney Hunte (0-1)

ATL 2 - PHI 0 (Villalba, Almiron)

I have a feeling Atlanta is going to bounce back from a disappointing performance at DC United. They have to, right?

Victor Tun (0-1)

ATL 2 - PHI 1 (Martinez, Almiron, Sapong)

I expect a much better showing from the Five Stripes against the Union, who have only claimed one victory in their last four matches. After the performance from Atlanta in the last match, I think the players will be motivated to come out firing in all cylinders and considering this is the last away match until September 30th, Atlanta will be looking to end their road trip on a high note.

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