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11 Days until Atlanta United play in Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The days continue to wind down towards Atlanta United’s debut match at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. We’re now just 11 days away from the Five Stripes hosting FC Dallas on September 10. The interior of the stadium is pretty much finished, however it’s the roof that is still a work in progress. The construction team was hard at work this past weekend on adjusting and measuring the roof’s opening and closing mechanism.

Here’s a video of his opening:

The roof will remain closed for all events until all work is completed, which is not expected to happen until October at the earliest. That timeline makes it unlikely that we’ll see an Atlanta United match with the roof open.

What are your feelings on the roof problems? Will not having it open hurt the experience for you? Would you rather have the roof closed for matches and avoid shadow spots on the field? Let us know what you think.