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Watch all 7 goals Atlanta United dropped on New England Revolution

The disrespect is real...

So, things happened tonight. Atlanta United went and dropped a touchdown and coverted the PAT against the New England Revolution. Usually, we try to post highlights of every goal as it happens, but seeing the Revs tonight felt like watching a puppy wandering around lost and alone.

Instead of SEVEN different posts, here’s one post lumped with all the highlights from tonight’s match. There’s a lot to dissect in this 4:44 video. Firstly, Josef Martinez’s goal just 1:14 into the match is simply sensational. Josef is back, ladies and gents. The confidence to take that shot from that angle is immense and he smashed it. From then on it was a completely one-sided massacre.

One red card came for the Revs. A penalty kick goal from Josef made it 2-0. Another penalty, another red card for the Revs. Hat trick Josef. From then on, it was only a matter of how many goals Atlanta would pile on.

The answer: 7

Anton Walkes hit before halftime to cement that feeling of inevitability. The second half began with Atlanta playing it safe and just holding onto the ball for 15 straight minutes. Finally, No. 5 came through a fantastic free kick from Kevin Kratz, his first goal for the club. Yamil Asad added No. 6 with a gorgeous curler that Cody Cropper may have been able to do better on. Finally, Tito banged in the finale just as full-time arrived.

What. A. Night.