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WATCH: Taylor Twellman exposes his own bad tweet, praises Atlanta United

TT has nice words.

The halftime diatribe by color commentators on soccer broadcasts is now a cultural phenomenon thanks to Alexi Lalas telling the entire USMNT to get off his lawn. This weekend, Taylor Twellman used his soapbox for good. The former U.S. international and MLS legend used his ESPN spotlight to spew some gospel about Atlanta United’s amazing start to their existence.

He even ate a little crow for an old tweet about being concerned over if the city would care enough to support the new soccer team. Twellman admitted that he was wrong, like many have since seeing just how committed Atlanta fans are to supporting the Five Stripes.

With 70,000+ in attendance on Saturday and over 47,000 on average this season, the hype surrounding the club doesn’t appear to be subsiding anytime soon. In fact, the “hype” may soon be evolving into the “norm” at this rate. There were many neutrals out there who doubted Atlanta’s ability to support a soccer team. So far, those people have been dead wrong.

A tip of the hat to you, Mr. Twellman. Thanks for the kind words.