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Greg Garza is out for matchup against LA Galaxy

Defender Greg Garza and goalkeeper Alec Kann suffered injuries over the last couple of days and will be sidelined longer

New York Red Bulls v Atlanta United FC Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Greg Garza will miss the matchup against the LA Galaxy making it his second in a row for the Five Stripes. He might be available for the Montreal on Sunday, but nothing is confirmed at the moment.

“Garza is evolving, we’ll see if he’s able to play against Montreal,” Martino said. “If not, we’ll just have to wait a little bit longer, it’s a muscle injury so we’ll see how that goes.”

Another injury update from today’s conversation with Martino is that goalkeeper Alec Kann suffered an injury with Charleston this past weekend. Kann left the game before halftime.

“Alec suffered another setback with his previous injury and went to the doctor this morning and might be out a little bit longer,” Martino said.

Martino said that everyone else is good to go for tomorrow’s matchup. With a spot in the playoffs not secured (yet), Martino will most likely field the same starting 11 in tomorrow’s game.

“They look good, I don't see any signs of fatigue,” Martino said. “We are in a stage where we need to win more games in order to secure a playoff spot. In my point of view, there’s no room for any rotations, unless I see something as the days go on.”