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Larentowicz Tattoo Update: Choices to be made

An update!

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Yesterday, I put the Atlanta United community on notice that I would be getting a tattoo based on Atlanta United’s midfielder/soccer deity Jeff Larentowicz, if, in return, y’all stepped up and raised money for the fantastic Fugees Academy.

(Remember, to donate, all you have to do is go here: and remember that none of this is going to me or DSS, it’s all going straight to The Fugees)

I issued this challenge:

“Y’all reached 100 retweets in 26 minutes. How long will it take y’all to reach $1,000 dollars for The Fugees?”

Y’all were, once again, quicker and more excellent than I ever thought possible.


I never stop being blown away by this fan base. Anytime a chance arises for this group of people to support this club and this city, y’all step up. Even the folks inside the organization have stepped up and support a great cause like The Fugees, and also ask some extremely difficult questions.

Currently, y’all have raised $1593 dollars of a goal that got bumped up to $1717 after y’all reached the first one too quickly.

That’s 80 weeks of lunch for one student or soccer registration for six players or nearly two months of student tuition. That’s awesome.

Because of that, I guess I need to start reviewing my options.

At this point your suggestions have ranged from simple:

To complex:

To nope:

To impressively stupid and practically impossible.

And to really not that bad as far as tattoo’s based on MLS veteran Jeff Larentowicz go:

Based of these suggestions and few others, here are the five options remaining for the Larentowicz tattoo (Disclaimer: None of these will be portraits. There isn’t a portrait tattoo in the world that a.) Looks good b.) Is cheap enough for a soccer blog to pay for). You can vote for your favorite option by mentioning it with your donation to The Fugees.

Option One: A heart/state of Georgia with five stripes and the number 18

Right now, this is far and away the leader in the clubhouse. It’s simple, and its easily raised the most money of any idea. As one donator put it:

Your mercy (and donation!) is incredibly appreciated Marcus. Also, shout out to the concept creator, @IamBrianOJr on

Option Two: Ginger Ninja

This idea has been suggested a few times (including by the AJC’s Doug Roberson), although no one seems to have had a practical idea besides how to do it except for Terminus Legion Co-founder/MLSFemale Official Fan Reporter for Atlanta United/Fugees Donator (Thanks Robyn!), Robyn Saghini. It wouldn’t look bad though, and it would be a subtle nod to one of Larentowicz’s best nicknames.

Option Three: Big Red

This one comes from Mouths of the South Podcast Host/Atlanta United tattoo haver, Jay Riddle. His idea (seen above in a tweet) is to pay homage to another Jeff Larentowicz nickname using the Big Red gum brand. I personally think we’d have to add a little more beyond just the gum wrapper to make it more...uhh...Larentowicz-centric so any ideas there would be appreciated. Overall, a solid idea from a guy who obviously knows a thing or two about Atlanta United tattoos and who kicked off the donations to this project. Thanks Jay.

Option Four: Comic Sans “Jeff”

This one is so remarkably dumb it makes me laugh. It’s also received the second most votes. That’s all there really is to say about it.

Thanks to Mark Washington for the idea.

Option Five: Literally anything OutKast related

100,000 internet points/Larentowicz bucks to the person that’s able to come up with an idea that incorporates OutKast and Jeff. I’ve already tried and failed, but if someone is able to bring a good idea to the table, I’d probably drop any other idea and immediately run with it. Just saying.

So, there you go. Keep donating, keep sharing ideas on how to make these tattoo ideas better and we’ll keep doing some good. I’m hoping to get this done Friday night. Let’s make sure it ends up being Larentowicz Worthy™.

Oh. And by the way. Jeff knows.

I’m pretty sure “sounds interesting” is the Jeff version of “I’m going to give Sam my signature for the tattoo/let’s hang out” but we’ll see. Keep donating.