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WATCH: FIFA 18 rating predictions with Atlanta United

Teammates try and predict each other’s ratings.

Bless you, digital media departments. Without your great work, our soccer-less days would be nothing but a void of depressing downtime. Thankfully, we have amazing hashtag content to keep us entertained until Atlanta United returns to action. The latest product of the team’s digital creations is a true treat.

In the above video, pairs of Atlanta United teammates attempt to predict each other’s FIFA 18 ratings. EA Sports’ wildly popular video game released worldwide on Friday and the expansion club is feature for the first time ever.

The video is packed full of hilarious moments from Josef Martinez and Miguel Almiron’s bromance to Brandon Vazquez and Anton Walkes arguing over who is faster. These great videos give us common folk a look into the personalities of the players and how the interact with each other. For example, the best part of the video, for me, is when Tito Villalba gets upset over his actual shooting rating and starts listing his goals from this season as evidence. Amazing.