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2 Days until Atlanta United play in Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Let’s get sentimental...

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Walkthrough Tour Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

We’re now just two days away from Atlanta United playing in Mercedes-Benz Stadium for the first time. Through these last three-plus years I’ve heard a lot of stories about what the city getting an MLS team means to certain people. One person whose story resonates with the most is DSS alumnus, Atlanta United radio color commentator, and Soccer Down Here co-host, Jason Longshore’s.

While there are certainly several like him who’ve been around the city’s soccer landscape for a long time, his is unique in that he’s been around the professional scene with several different clubs. Jason penned a very good article of on Thursday describing what United’s MBS debut means to him. You should stop whatever you’re doing now and go read it.

Once you’ve done that, I thought today’s post would be a good chance to open the floor to you guys. What does the opening of the new stadium and Atlanta United’s first-ever match there mean to you? Does it hold a special significance to you? Please share your story below if yes. And, if it’s just a new and shiny stadium to you, tell us what you’re excited about.