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Introducing: The DSS Mailbag

Send us your questions

U.S. Postal Service Proposes Cutting 120,000 Jobs Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Hi y’all. Your pal Sam here for the DSS Mailbag. Yes we’re working on a better name.

But for now I wanted to let y’all know about a new weekly feature we’ll be running where we answer questions from readers just like you (yes, you.). Send us any questions you have and we’ll answer them on the site each week. The questions can range from #BarcoWatch to the 2018 season to “Which Atlanta United player are you most likely to see in the crafts section of a Hobby Lobby?” (It’s Mikey Ambrose) to literally anything else you can think of. All you have to do is accept the fact that our answers are correct and indisputable in every way.

You can send your questions to me on the website @J_SamJones or you can send an email to The mailbag will run weekly so feel free to send in questions at anytime.

Conclusions are hard.