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The Daily Dirt January 24, 2018: MLS holdouts and a huge mess for the FA

Let’s give the Daily Dirt a reboot, shall we?

MLS: Toronto FC at Atlanta United FC Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

Hey readers, we’re going to revive the semi-daily news posts. Upon reflection the Morning Rekrap series was a little too ambitious and rambly. This will be a stop for links, news, things we at DSS think are interesting about soccer and maybe a little further afield from time to time. Let’s take a look at a few pieces of news around the league, country and world:


Things are going from bad to worse for the Rochester Rhinos who are not playing in 2018 and losing their stadium now.

There are MLS holdouts galore!

Zero Tolerance - got that? Someone sounds totally not freaked out by Cyle Larin packing up and moving to Turkey.

Yura’s second stint in Utah wasn’t as fruitful as his first, let’s see where he ends up.

But nothing holds a candle to Cyle Larin reporting to OCSC training camp… in Turkey.

Atlanta United

Happy birthday Parky!

Media day seemed fun:


England hired a new un-qualified, sexist, and inexperienced manager for their Women’s National Team. It isn’t going well. Like really not well. Like delete your account not well.

Leeds stole one of the Columbus Crew guys and used it to represent fans, all barrel chested, male fans (wonder how Leeds United LFC likes it?).

But they got trolled by FC Zenit, in Soviet Russia crest change you!

Javier Mascherano is headed to China, this seems like a play an MLS team should have made - oh well, we have Zeke.

Speaking of deleting your account... Thomas Rongen has gotten a lot of heat, rightfully so, about his role in failing to recruit Jonathan Gonzalez. He’s taking it well, mostly by tweeting about how Messi is actually bad like some kind of second rate Skip Bayless and taking shots at Mr. Low Hanging Fruit Freddy Adu:

Freddy is back training with the Las Vegas Lights, which should be interesting.

Got that, Messi is bad says the USSF Chief Scout.

Goals are good

That judo move was Zlatanesque (please don’t go to Manchester United Antoine).

What to listen to

Max and Herc talked to Bob Bradley about a lot, his career, LAFC and covering youth development in the U.S. You get the sense from this that Bob knows there is something deeply wrong, doesn’t quite have the answers, has tried his best to overcome the structural barriers that are preventing a more diverse, stronger national team, but is still conflicted about it and feels the need to defend the strides that soccer has made in the U.S.

Listen to our own Sydney Hunte on the USL Show talking Atlanta United 2