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Ezequiel Barco is reportedly holding out of training

The Independiente playmaker is taking drastic measures to force his transfer to Atlanta


The latest chapter of #BarcoWatch has taken a very interesting turn — the teenage dynamo is reportedly refusing to train with Independiente, according to Fox Sports Argentina, in an effort to force his move to Atlanta United.

“Ezequiel Barco will not be attending Independiente’s training to force his transfer (or in protest of his transfer) to the MLS.”

*translation by Jesmary Lorenzo

Barco’s refusal to train is a juicy development that will turn the screws on Independiente to agree to a transfer. It’s solid evidence that the player is very unhappy with his current situation. Reports have emanated from Buenos Aires in recent days and weeks that Barco was unhappy with his club’s apparent moving of the goalposts regarding his transfer fee. The holdout is evidence of this to the first degree.

There will be more chapters to this saga. Independiente will likely fine Barco his weekly wages for not showing up. If they do, and he continues to hold out, it’s further evidence of not only his willingness to move to Atlanta, but of the enormous pay raise he will be receiving in Atlanta. If he’s willing to get fined, then there must be some economic incentive for him to do so.

Join us tomorrow for the next episode of this dramatic telenovela. We may be approaching a joyful finale.