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Looking back at Dirty South Soccer’s MLS Cup Playoff predictions

How did we do?

Remember February? The 2018 season was like an innocent child/Miguel Almiron — full of optimism, hope and excitement. We at Dirty South Soccer Decided decided to take a stab at how things would unfold. It’s fair to say there were, uhm, one or two mistakes. Here’s how we predicted things would shake out:


East West
East West
1. Toronto FC 1. Seattle Sounders
2. Atlanta United 2. Sporting Kansas City
3. NYCFC 3. Portland Timbers
4. Columbus Crew 4. FC Dallas
5. New York Red Bulls 5. Real Salt Lake
6. Orlando City 6. LA Galaxy


  1. Red Bulls - DSS Prediction: 5

Welp, what can you say about this one? Red Bulls went on to have the best season in MLS history. Safe to say we didn’t see that one coming.

2. Atlanta United - DSS Prediction: 2


3. NYCFC - DSS Prediction: 3

Chalk one up for the good guys.

4. D.C. United - DSS Prediction: trash

I will cut us some slack here. We didn’t know Rooney was coming, and we pretty much nailed this one up until we didn’t.

5. Columbus Crew - DSS Prediction: 4

Wow, underwhelming us Columbus. smh.

6. Philadelphia Union - DSS Prediction: trash

This is the twilight zone of MLS predictions, and anything you get marginally close on in the 5-6 range is a huge success. I’d say we still weren’t far off on our prediction for Philly.

Biggest Miss - Toronto FC - DSS Prediction: 1 Actual: trash


  1. Sporting Kansas City - DSS Prediction: 2

Still chalking this one up in the win column for DSS. The West is a dice roll.

2. Seattle Sounders - DSS Prediction: 1

There is a caveat to this one. We predicted them to come in first after a horrendous start to the season, and most of us were probably writing them off just before mounting the Seattlest climb up the league standings.

3. LAFC - DSS Prediction: trash

I think we mostly were hoping for trash as to not take the “Most Successful Expansion Franchise” belt away from Atlanta.

4. FC Dallas - DSS Prediction: 4

BOOM. (complete and utter luck)

5. Portland Timbers - DSS Prediction: 3

Put another one on the board! Hey, we weren’t so bad at this!

6. Real Salt Lake - DSS Prediction: 5

I should add, one of our criteria was height (yes, height)... so, we’re pretty bad at this.

Biggest Miss - Sigi Schmid

“The Galaxy has literally never been bad for long in its MLS history, so expect a bounceback from them this year under a veteran coach in Sigi Schmid who knows how to win in this league.”

so, we’re pretty bad at this.

Checks out.