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Wet weather could impact Atlanta United supporters attending MLS Cup

The weather could be bad for MLS Cup. Plan your tailgate accordingly.

The good weathermen/women of Atlanta and the surrounding southeast are currently tracking a wintery mix that might show its chilly head this weekend amidst the 2018 MLS Cup. While the roof is likely to be closed when Atlanta United take on the Portland Timbers on Saturday, wild weather would severely impact tailgating and other plans that fans might have leading up to the match.

The latest report from Fox 5 Atlanta gives some detail on the possibility.

“As of Monday morning, we know that we will have plenty of moisture in place to support a wintry mix, but the big question mark will be whether or not we have the cold air in place to support a wintry mix. We also know that the best chance for a wintry mix will be in northeast Georgia because this looks like a textbook ‘wedge’ event. That means the coldest air will slide into our area from the east and move westward. Some models bring that colder air farther west than others, so we will continue to monitor the latest developments.”

Fox 5

Usually when these wintery mixes come through it only impacts Northern Georgia, but as those of us who’ve lived in the South know, if that wintry mix makes its way to the city anywhere close to gametime, life will be a crawl.