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The Daily Dirt February 1, 2018: Bad eggs and bad coaches

Thanks for the memories, even though they weren’t so good

Mexico v United States - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifiers Photo by Hector Vivas/LatinContent/Getty Images

The transfer deadline came and went in many leagues in Europe and Atlanta United still hasn’t brought in a replacement for Carlos Carmona. MLS teams can still do business with teams in Europe as long as the MLS transfer window is open, so the team has until it closes to find a replacement outside of the league. The day also had some interesting news to pick through from big stories about the Court Room Classico firing up again between the Justice Department and FIFA as well as a beautiful bit of USMNT slap fighting between Bruce Arena and Geoff Cameron.

Anyway, onto the Dirt.


The US Justice Department is going after corrupt officials at FIFA, the US Olympic Committee, and the International Olympic Committee. If the next 2026 World Cup has a match at Leavenworth Prison, you’ll know why.

LAFC is partly owned by YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley so naturally they’ll be streaming the games on the YouTubeTV streaming service. It will cost fans $35 a month but they’ll get over 50 channels for their well earned money. Still, this has a certain “we’re treating our fans like customers” feel to it.

A youth soccer coach in Idaho whose players come from underserved communities and include refugees, minorities, and immigrants received a threatening letter. Rather than staying quite, he’s standing up for his players.

In a wide ranging profile with the New York Times, Geoff Cameron discussed his career, asserted that Jurgen Klinsmann would have qualified the US for the World Cup, described his life in England - which entails living alone in a big empty house except for having two dogs because all of his friends moved back to America - the sad jazz music he listens to alone, and the horrible decisions Bruce Arena made that led to the USMNT failing to reach the World Cup. For his part, Arena didn’t take the statements laying down, and noted that he uses astrology to decide if players are good at soccer or not. There’s a round up of the best quotes over on Stars and Stripes FC, but it is also wroth using one of your 10 free NYT articles to read the whole thing. I can’t wait for Fall Out Boy to write a song about these two.

Future Atlanta United center defensive midfielder Jermaine Jones had take on the matter:

The Mexico U-20 WNT beat the US U-20 WNT, the Boston Breakers folded, Mexico’s Women’s soccer league is taking off, and now Australia is also catching up. February 10th can’t get here soon enough.

Mexico beat Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-0 in a friendly on Wednesday night. It was the exact opposite of watching the USMNT play BIH. There weren’t a lot of goals, but they experimented and were fun to watch at least. I got to watch some of the game but FuboTV was doing the thing where their stream cuts out during something I actually care about watching and not Crystal Palace vs. Watford or something. I’ll be filing my one time switch with FIFA to support YouTubeTV maybe. The game was played in San Antonio, Texas, a market MLS has no interest in much to their detriment. Adding irony to injury, Jonathan Gonzalez made his debut for Mexico, in the United States of America, in the 56th minute.


Here is every transfer that happened in the UK; and in the Bundesliga, and elsewhere including La Liga and Ligue 1.

A man named Pikachu was chosen and scored a goal for Vasco de Gama in a Copa Libertadores match.

Some heavy metal to start your day

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Say farewell to the Awl, it was one of my favorite things on the internet. I will now be more stupid without it.