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The Daily Dirt February 14, 2018: Roses, kits, and poems

Valentine's Day Celebration Photo by Caisii Mao/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Valentine’s Day, here is a poem...

Stripes are red and black,

Crests are golden,

Josef, Miggy, Barco, and Tito, put the ball in the net won’t you?

And pay Orlando City’s fans’ bail too?

I didn’t say it would be a good poem.

At least one person wasn’t celebrating though in what has turned into a full on


Apparently, MLS realized the error in its ways and came groveling back to Josef to apologize.

Will MLS and Josef make up? Has he accepted their apology? Will this RIP THE TEAM APART and make Josef decide he should be back in Italy where everyday is Valentines Day?

On the other hand, this seems like it’s a complete non-story that everyone is already over and will have forgotten by noon. Hopefully you aren’t spending too much time worrying about this and are too busy having a full on crisis about the fact that we need to SIGN A DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER.

Anyway, onto the Dirt...


Looks like Orlando fans have migrated west...

Glad Galaxy fans aren’t insecure about a new team in a shinny new stadium stealing their thunder.

Bobby Warshaw has a take on why the yoots don’t get playing time - it all comes down to getting managers’ trust. But there’s more! He’s got advice on how players can show their coaches they deserve to play.

The Seattle Sounders released their new kit, looks pretty nice.

Atlanta United

Looks like Lids got a little overexcited and took the SHUT UP in SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY too seriously and the club wasn’t able to release the kit before they put it up for sale.

Also, according to Math, Atlanta United has 7 of the most 75 valuable trade assets in MLS - c/o Pro Soccer USA’s Tutul Rahman.


Champions League is back, and it did not disappoint. Tottenham and Juventus played a really exciting, fun game and Manchester City completely stomped FC Basel.

There is one thing that Cristiano Ronaldo is bad at, big cup beer pong.

Step one in playing in internationally for England - get scared of the shirt. Step two - play badly (or just be Joe Hart). This is further detailed by what Kieron Dyer told Training Ground Guru.

Nerd out with this analysis of dribbles looking at some of the best dribblers in Europe from StatsBomb.

Goal of the day

Harry Kane doesn’t quite round Gianluigi Buffon, but this is a pretty satisfying goal.

You should look at...

These horrifying pictures from some kind of demented clown war version of Burning Man Mardi Gras