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WATCH: 2 Chainz unveils Atlanta United’s new “King Peach” secondary kit

United of House Atlanta, King of the Peaches and first of their name.

Atlanta United enlisted the help of Atlanta-born hip-hop artist 2 Chainz to finally unveil the club’s new secondary kit for the 2018 season. In an epic, well-made video released buy the club’s digital team, the “King Peach” kit is introduced to the world. Take a look:

The video explains that the kit theme and name is inspired by a fan made tifo from the 2017 season that featured a peach with a crown on it. Seeing as Atlanta United has entered the soccer landscape and broken nearly ever attendance record there has ever been in North America, the nickname fits.

As for the kit itself, it is white/off-white (i’m not a color guru, so please take it easy on me in the comments) with peach(ish) accents and nameplates.

The execution of the kit will surely split opinion, but it’s here to stay for this season. Are you buying one or are you sticking with the traditional five stripes? Let us know what you think.