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The Daily Dirt February 27, 2018: Kits, Arsenal commentary, and a paradox


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MLS: Columbus Crew SC Fan Rally Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

DSS is not only a premier soccer blog and organizer of food eating contests, it’s also a movie review website! After the Super Bowl I noted that Cloverfield Paradox or whatever it’s called was part 3 of a trilogy that nobody ever asked for [Warning: no spoilers, but bad movie grousing ahead] I finally got around to watching it and wow was I right! This is mostly a ‘B’ level space thriller - I guess - with some fun post-apocalyptic themes that usually I’m on board for.

The problem is that there’s not a lot of tension that’s built up in the film, the scares don’t really deliver, the comic relief is adequate, one scare is accidentally funny, and the end of the movie veers from ‘film that takes itself seriously but is basically an average - step above SciFi channel movie’ to Sharknado - but on accident.

In the end, the movie is OK. It has it’s moments, but is mediocre at best.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Toronto FC Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

I give it one picture of Sacha Kljestan squeeling at the referee about something.

Anyway, onto the Dirt...


Nobody tell Anthony Precourt.

Complete with autoplay video and pop-ups, this look from Sports Illustrated at the new trend in MLS teams signing young South Americans is a good analysis on the changes in the league. At the very least, it is a good sign that talented players who aren’t as well known as the retirement league caliber stars MLS had been attracting are coming to the league.

Speaking of Sports Illustrated, they judged the new kits released by Adidas this year. Come celebrate a year full of dull kits, boring designs, and a clear message that the company is focused on the World Cup this year.

Ben Baer of thinks Atlanta United will end up in 3rd in the East this season. Oh and we have three natural center backs on the entire roster. Three. As in one more than two, which is the number of center backs typically needed to start a game.

But don’t worry about that- SBN Soccer’s Kevin McCauley tells us that Atlanta United might be a little better at defending this year but will be a lot better at keeping the ball away from the other teams and scaring them into submission.


Week 9 of LigaMX wrapped up - check out the wrap up over on FMF State of Mind.

Why is Manchester United the only EPL team without a women’s team? Here’s a hint, it’s green, or blue, or purple, or red and has a picture of the Queen on it.

Still in England, after losing the whatever cup to Manchester City on Sunday it seems clear that Arsene Wenger probably doesn't have the answers to how to get Arsenal back on track. Worse still, getting the team back to where it was is being made more difficult by him staying.

A good walk ruined

This is easily the best thing you will ever read about golf all year.

A satisfying goal

You should prove that you are better than you friends

At Fantasy MLS and join our league.

You should watch

Rio Ferdinand prank Peter Crouch and all of this series, because it’s better than the Cloverfield Paradox (my alternate ending for this was to say it was like the Ali G Show meets Punked).