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Dirty South Soccer merch is here!

Get hyped!

We heard you like merch.

After several requests for Dirty South Soccer shirts, we’ve gotten off our butts and come through. Not only can you now get DSS shirts, but you can get hoodies too! We have two styles currently available for purchase. The first is just a simple DSS logo shirt. If you’d like to rep us or you just think our logo is dope, this is for you. It is available in white, grey and black.


Our second design is a fun idea we had to play off of the “bad guys” persona that Atlanta United is developing around the league. Hopefully the design doesn’t need much explanation...

It is available in red and black.


We’ll be unveiling more designs at a later date. If you have ideas for neat and unique designs send them to us at or comment below. If we like them, we might just use them.