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The Daily Dirt March 19, 2018: Ultimate Felipe Chumpionship


Leicester City v Chelsea - The Emirates FA Cup Quarter Final Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Well that was a terrific day Saturday, teams really need to try to keep 11 players on the field against Atlanta United. We’ve got two weeks TWO WEEKS until the next match - luckily that means that the team isn’t going to be like the NY Red Bulls and be playing without their hot shot central midfielder. Luckily, we get to find out if the league is going to do anything about this necessary and not cheap shot from Felipe on one of the league’s best players and a member of the US Men’s National Team:

Felipe is so tough that it took exactly none of his teammates to hold him back from going at Brad Guzan, who looked like he was about to go in from the top rope on the midfielder.

Anyway, onto the Dirt...


Then there’s this... highlight?

Minnesota strangely won this game and is in 2nd place in the West, which is a good conference where the 2017 conference champions are currently 11th.

Speaking of highlights - this might not be a red card, but it is still hilarious. Will MLS overturn a red that was given from VAR?

American Manager Dave Sarachan has called in a lineup for the USMNT to take on Paraguay. Of course Miguel Almiron and Darlington Nagbe will face off but the rest of the players are an interesting and even ambitious selection of predominantly young players based in Europe.

This is a nice looking lineup, but maybe - I don’t know, try picking up the phone so that the next Jonathan Gonzalez doesn't turn into the next Jonathan Gonzalez.


FIFA is planning on launching a Women’s League with 16 top women’s international teams that would kick off in 2019.

The Champions League draw dropped Friday and the match-ups have been ranked by the SBN big soccer page.


You thought I wouldn’t put this one in here? Vancouver is tall you say? They’re good at headers they told me. Here’s a header:

Four hat tricks in 23 games is impressive, Ronaldo got his 50th in his career yesterday:

Mo Salah also had a big game - here he beats the entire Watford team before putting one into the net:

You should listen to...

Saga Thing Podcast! I’ve probably plugged it in some way or another, but John and Andy are back after a little break. If you aren’t a listener, it reviews the Icelandic Sagas but the banter between the two professors who host the show really keeps what can be... obscure Medieval literature interesting and entertaining. The podcast might help you understand why the Icelandic National Soccer Teams are so adept at smiting the likes of England and the best bloodshed category on the show might explain the “blood up to the shoulders” inspiration for their World Cup kits. If you like the show Vikings on History or even Lord of the Rings, give them a listen. Come for the stories of zombie seals and poop rock, stay for the historically accurate accents, un-contrived puns, and lists of incredible nicknames.