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The Daily Dirt March 29, 2018: What do you mean the traffic derby?

And some Fantasy MLS notes

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MLS: Orlando City SC at Atlanta United FC Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Good news, everybody - it’s Thursday, or according to the Republican Calendar 9 Germinal CCXXVI, liberté, égalité, football. Just today and tomorrow to get through until game day. I won’t keep you much longer so that we can get this wretched day behind us and Atlanta can get to doing what they do when they visit Minnesota. Oh and you’ll want to come back to DSS around 10:05AM, Sam’s got a real cooker this week.

Onto the Dirt...


DC United appears to be going through some things. Honestly, it could be worse for a team managed by Ben Olsen. Our friends over at Black and Red United have some thoughts about their current problems.

MLS is really authentic, the fans came up with an authentic, original and not made up by someone else or trademarked name for the Los Angeles Classico

This is cool, but it only has a small smacking of desperation to go out of the way to say that the league didn’t trademark it.

Not everyone is happy that people are having fun and enjoying soccer though.

A minority stake of Orlando City got bought that valued the team at $500 million. The happiest person about this is Tito Villalba who owns Orlando City Soccer Club.

Finally, ever wonder what everyone else thinks about some of the biggest names in soccer in the US - wonder no more:


Not polar bears or frigid temperatures can stop the global game:

Carlos Tevez got injured playing soccer in jail and will miss four games for Boca Juniors. He was apparently visiting his brother who is locked up and got hurt when playing a match against other inmates.

Jamie Vardy is going to be in for a rude surprise this summer when he learns what VAR is.


This is from this date in history from yesterday, but who doesn’t love a cheeky goal?

You should put on your MLS Fantasy team

After I made everyone join Fantasy MLS, I’ve left you alone dear readers with no guidance. What kind of blogger am I? Here’s some picks:

I’m running a keeperoo with Tim Howard and Richard Sanchez - if Sanchez gets a good score I’ll try to remember to bench Howard for a keeper who won’t play so he’ll be auto subbed in. Thinking of doing the same with Steve Birnbaum, but that might not happen.

Other picks I like are: Nemanja Nikolic; Ignacio Piatti; Sebastian Giovinco; Diego Rossi or Marco Urena; Johan Kappelhof, Drew Moor, and Alex Bono.