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The Daily Dirt March 8, 2018: Milk sandwiches and horror robots

There’s some soccer in here too

2017 MLS Cup - Seattle Sounders v Toronto FC Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

I hope everyone is managing the great water main break of 2018 - the glorious year in the future in which our infrastructure is totally not a crumbling hulk of past greatness that is hurtling us towards a dystopian future we are ill-prepared for and even less able to comprehend. Living outside of Georgia now certainly has me disconnected from goings on in the city, but this looks like a nightmare:

I hope everyone has enough supplies for milk sandwiches as Atlanta prepares for an unplanned-real life sequel to the re-make of Mad Max.

Anyway, onto the Dirt...


Help out Kortne Ford of the Colorado Rapids anyway you can while his mother fights cancer.

The USWNT won the SheBelieves Cup beating England 1-0.

Former South Carolina striker Savannah McCaskill was one of the few bright spots on the field for the USWNT in their game against France on Sunday in the SheBelieves Cup. Kevin McCauley has a look at what makes her so effective, be it in a different position.

Let’s check in on the Chicago Fire with this in depth look at their season which kicks off this weekend. From our friends over at Hot Time In Old Town.

As an old, I didn’t make it to the end of New York Red Bulls at Club Tijuana on Tuesday, but Luis Robles had himself a night. He’s good, he’s baldish, and he has always been underrated - perhaps it’s time for him to get a call up again.

There’s a shakeup with who is leading the United 2026 bid for the World Cup. Politics is reportedly making the process more competitive than it seems like it should be.


Concacaf has re-branded by telling everyone that they have re-branded. Somehow flopping, poor refereeing, phantom goals, and flopping are not included in this. Their re-brand came complete with a manifesto...

I guess there’s always next year Spurs fans - Juventus knocked out Tottenham from Champions League in heartbreaking fashion.

U wot m8? If you only read one story here today read about West Ham and its relationship with hooligan groups that support the team and the drama among the supporters. Relations are... strained to say the least. I’m foreeeeeevvvvver blowing bubbles.

Highlight reel of the day

Little Messi breaking tiny ankles as a yoot

Goals of the day

This is a bon goal from Amandine Henry in the SheBelieves Cup:

And then finally... this filthy backheel to give TFC a win against Tigres. The away goal will hurt, but this was a huge goal.

You should look at - hide from and not let you Alexa control

This horrifying monster robot used to scare away wild boars