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The Daily Dirt April 18, 2018: Concacaf Champions League and beef

Bigmouth strikes again

Chivas v Toronto FC: CONCACAF Champions League 2018 - Final - Leg 1 Photo by Graig Abel/Getty Images

As it stands now, it may be another year before an MLS team takes home the Concacaf Champions League title. Anything can happen in a two game stretch but for Toronto to win they will need at least two two away goals in Mexico which they are certainly capable of. Even if the Reds don’t manage to win, this has been an impressive run and one that seems much more likely to be repeated as teams like Atlanta United and NYCFC are on the verge of qualifying for the tournament next year.


NYCFC might actually announce a stadium deal soon. It looks like a soccer specific stadium is in the works for a real estate development in New York City (not New Jersey, but the actual city of New York City) that could be home to the team. The whole project is reported to be complete by 2022 and cost $700,000,000.00 so the Pigeons should be set to play there sometime by mid century after the $2 billion project is completed but will probably still have a soccer home before Miami Beckham United plays a match. They should just play in Central Park to be honest.

Carli Lloyd is back in New Jersey where she started her journey to becoming a World Cup champion. Deadspin, yes, that Deadspin, has the story about her homecoming.

Today in GOING IN: The best twitter hot beef of the day yesterday was between Merritt Paulson and Sydney Leroux Dwyer. The beef is so blazing that the esteemed newspaper The Oregonian has this rundown of the BEEF, note it is in the soccer section not the food section. Jess McDonald of the NC Courage also got in on the GOING IN. Anyway, the real loser here is Paulson who is ‘well actual-ing’ ... moms? Well done Merritt.


Well, Toronto FC will have its work cut out for it after losing 2-1 at home to Chivas. The best team in MLS history got beat with two away goals to the team sitting in 16th place in LigaMX. Next week they will need at least two goals to claim the Concacaf Champions League trophy.

Also, I mean... left without comment:

DeAndre Yedlin really seems to be loved by fans in Newcastle


For once, a nice free kick that Giovinco didn’t score