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The Daily Dirt April 24, 2018: Just give FIFA the $10,000

Come for the FIFA news, stay for the nutmegs

Soccer: 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup -USA  at Jamaica Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Daily Dirt took a long weekend to recover from the win against the LA Galaxy. The good news is that the Five Stripes only have four more days until the match against the Montreal Impact. In the meantime, there was plenty that went on in the world of soccer yesterday - including a bonkers Ponzi scheme that FIFA seems like it is getting ready to institute.

Read all about it - onto the Dirt...


Zlatan had some choice words after the LA Galaxy lost to Atlanta United on Saturday, telling reporters after the game, “I think it’s the collective,” he continued. “If you get collective organization, then everything else will work. We work hard. We had a good week. The outcome of the week today wasn’t the best. It was the opposite. It was s***. But okay, s*** happens also.” It still makes me marvel at the league that it could create a situation where Sigi Schmid would be managing Zlatan Ibrahimovic and that people won’t watch it because there isn’t promotion and relegation.

Sorry Dex,

You know from reading every post on DSS how the NC Courage did over the weekend, but take a look at how the rest of the league did over on Equalizer Soccer.


Remember this?

Now we know what he was talking about and it is a little troubling. FIFA might organize a new tournament - or two - with a re-vamped Club World Cup featuring 24 teams and a national team world league - or something... The New York Times reports that Gianni Infantino has met with an investment firm backed by Chinese and Saudi Arabian financiers to host what sure sounds like a private tournament. It doesn’t seem at all shady or like it includes a deal for him to move to a non-extradition country after the Jack Warner tapes detailing corruption are released. Here is exclusive Dirty South Soccer, Proper Journo video of the meeting between Infantino and the investors:

Just soak this one in - Wright Thompson went to Juventus vs. Napoli and wrote about it. Just go ahead and give this one a chapter in The Best American Sportswriting of 2018.

What if rock, paper, scissors was soccer? How would pressing teams do? What about possession teams? How about deep sitting, countering clubs? Time for some game theory...


Everton has been mostly useless this year but Theo Walcott’s roof shot is at least not a complete embarrassment


Wright Thomson should be heavy enough lifting for a recommendation so - look at the most brutal nutmeg of all time.