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The Daily Dirt April 26, 2018: Live from Russia from a studio in America

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Soccer: Concacaf Champions League-Toronto FC at Guadalajara Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it will be at least one more year until an MLS team wins the Concacaf Champions League. Chivas bested Toronto FC despite losing 2-1 at home and it’s fair to say that things were... Concacaf’y...

Anyway... onto the Dirt.


The Miami MLS team, an MLS stadium in the city of New York City, the Columbus Crew moving to Austin, the American Messi; what do these things have in common? Do I have to tell you? The NYCFC stadium deal is off as our friends over at Hudson River Blue discuss.

Toronto played what was not even close to their best 11 against Chivas in the Concacaf Champions League final and managed a 2-1 win in the match.

Despite that, they would lose in penalties. Their run to the championship has been impressive to watch and despite having to play Michael Bradley as a center back, the team was a pair of missed penalties away from winning the tournament. Jozy Altidore scored a goal to give the team a chance to win the tournament, but would come off before the shootout. Naturally, Bradley missed one of the penalties and he seems destined to go down as the most misunderstood player in USMNT history.


Bye bye Bayern Munich - maybe, maybe not, but probably. Real Madrid easily beat the German giants at home 2-1. The team does have the benefit of going to the Bernabeu where Real has had their worst campaign since the 20th Century.

The Fox Sports commentary teams are taking a big step back in 2018 for the World Cup. Despite paying nearly half a billion dollars for the broadcast rights to the event, Fox will keep the broadcasters in US studios except for the teams or John Strong/Stu Holden and JP Dellcamera/Tony Meola who will be in Russia. World Soccer Talk has the whole story including the other broadcaster teams.


Are dumb. Look at this touch.

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