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The Daily Dirt May 1, 2018: Baby, when you finally get to love somebody, guess what?

Yeah guess what?

Sunderland v Burton Albion - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

I’m not even sorry. I won’t try to redeem myself after that, onto the Dirt...


Welp, Rocco Comossio might not have gotten Eric Wynalda elected US Soccer Federation President, but that’s not stopping him from pulling out his wheelbarrow full of money and walking it past USSF headquarters. He’s offered $500 million dollars for the federation to make some changes - you can read about them here. Between this and the $4 Billion (BILLION) offer that Riccardo Silva made to MLS to open the league to promotion and relegation, it seems like the outside forces and investors who are agitating for pro/rel in real, functional non-hashtag terms, should probably start having their ideas and offers taken seriously. This is big money for the sport and whatever the financial ambitions that are driving what is being proposed, USSF needs to find a way to activate the non-MLS investment in the sport. Plus, who could pass up a chance to watch the Colorado Rapids go full American Sunderland and get relegated to USL III by 2021?

Presented without comment here on it’s gonna b May day...

You’ve heard what we have to say about Atlanta United beating Montreal but here is some more awesome analysis of the Atlanta United win over Montreal.


The Outline has a pretty incredible story of two young men fleeing violence in Honduras to end up playing soccer professionally in Mexico. If you like your soccer with your politics, this is an interesting look at international affairs and soccer.

This man, who was banned from his stadium presumably for having too awesome of a flag, found a way to watch his team in Turkey anyway thanks to some construction equipment.

Goal o’the day

When you screw up at work but everything is all right in the end anyway...

I’m done

If you haven’t noticed, I’m what’s known as ‘extremely online,’ which means I look at Twitter a lot and Reddit sometimes. Basically, this post is a curated version of stuff I see on Twitter - I mean, no... I am working sources and really dragging information out of people... Mel Magazine, which I think only exists on the internet, has a great round up of Ice T tweets who has the only correct reaction to being online that I’ve ever seen. Enjoy.