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Josef Martinez nominated for MLS Goal of the Week

Julian Gressel should get a co-nomination too...

MLS: Atlanta United FC at New York City FC Chris Bergmann-USA TODAY Sports

Many Atlanta United fans (myself included) were left very disappointed with this past weekend’s 1-1 draw at the sardine can known as Yankee Stadium against NYCFC. You can read thoughts on that from multiple Dirty South Soccer writers, so I’ll leave it alone, as my doctors have told me to try and keep my stress levels down (other than by saying to Don Garber, this is a complete mockery of the game to have it played on this small of a field. Do better). On the bright side, Atlanta United scored a BEAUTIFUL goal in earning the draw that has been nominated for MLS Goal of the Week. Josef Martinez’s header in the 48th minute this past Saturday was downright gorgeous:

Now, I get that goal of the week can only go to the goalscorer, but DAT CROSS THO?!? Seriously, that ball from Julian Gressel should come with an NSFW label. It’s so darn sexy. Gressel has made a career so far in MLS of supplying great crosses and through balls, but this one might be his best. The way he puts the ball JUST over the head of the defender and in an inch-perfect spot for Martinez shows how good of a passer he truly is. I say all of that without taking anything away from Josef’s finish, which was downright filthy. The snap-header down puts so much more power on the finish and makes it impossible for Sean Johnson to stop. I’m a sucker for headers that are angled down and bounce in, and this is one of the best ones you’ll ever see.

Now, there are other nominees (as seen in the embedded tweet below), but let’s be real. Atlanta United fans will most assuredly make this the Goal of the Week, and it should be. I really do wish that Gressel and Martinez could be co-nominees here, as the cross deserves just as much praise as the finish, but I’m sure Martinez will be sure to give Gresselmania some love WHEN he wins Goal of the Week. I say “WHEN” here because I’m very confident, so Atlanta United fans, make sure I’m right. Click below and go vote!