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WATCH: Josef Martinez makes a young fan cry tears of joy

Soccer is good. The world is good.

Josef Martinez spent Saturday night making history with his fifth career MLS hat trick in just 35 matches played. He’s the third player to hit that mark and the fastest to do so. However, that probably wasn’t the coolest thing he did on the night.

After the match, he met with his adoring fans to take some pictures and meet with all those who sing his name every match. Just before heading to the locker room, he spotted a young fan donning a Venezuelan flag, his home country. Josef then proceeded to do this:

He stripped off his shirt and selflessly gave it to the kid, immediately sending the youngster into tears of joy. You forget sometimes that these players are idolized by young kids like this and to see Josef acknowledge him and make his day with a kind gesture is truly heart-warming.

Josef is the best. Soccer is the best. The world is good, at least in this moment.