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How Eric Remedi joined Atlanta United

Remedi and Carlos Bocanegra took us through the process.

Eric Remedi, the newest member of Atlanta United, spoke to reporters during his introductory press conference this morning and expressed his excitement to be a part of the club after participating in his first two trainings.

“Things have gone well,” said Remedi. “I’m just trying to get adjusted to the style of football that’s played here. It’s been very intense so far...I knew about Atlanta because of the other Argentinian players that they had on the team and players like Miguel Almiron who played in Argentina before...I think the facilities here are 10 out of 10. It’s not very common to see facilities like this in Argentina. The atmosphere at the stadium last Sunday was amazing. I’m just excited about everything.”

Technical director Carlos Bocanegra was also in attendance for the press conference, as he discussed the lengthy process behind identifying and communicating with Remedi that started before the 2018 season even began.

“We didn’t want to rush and bring someone in just to bring someone in,” said Bocanegra. “We wanted to bring in a player that’s competitive, that fit our needs, and that fit the player profile we’re looking for. It was a really good process with the scouting department, the front office, and the coaching staff together to try and find the right fit for us...We had been following Eric for a while. We went down to Argentina and personally spoke with him and we wanted to get a feel if this is somewhere he wanted to come to, what kind of guy he is, and how he was going to fit into the dynamic of the group.”

When Bocanegra and company visited Remedi in Buenos Aires, it wasn’t a difficult decision for the midfielder. He was more than happy to come and be a member of Atlanta United.

“I was at Banfield for eight years, but when this opportunity with Atlanta came up, I didn’t hesitate,” said Remedi. “It’s a league that’s growing a lot and is getting more competitive. This is a great club, so I didn’t think twice about it.”

Welcome to Atlanta, Eric Remedi.