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Philadelphia Union vs. Atlanta United, recap: Five Stripes bounce back in Philly

Atlanta United is back in the W column.

MLS: Atlanta United FC at Philadelphia Union Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta United rebounded from a 3-2 road loss to FC Dallas with a 2-0 road win on Wednesday night in Chester, Pennsylvania.

Uhh….so in the first half………ummmmmm…..well……we had chances, and they had chances and it’s…….well….it was…….

So like have you ever been interested in somebody and you starting texting them and they seem like they’re not exactly into it but they’re not exactly sending one word text messages but then you’re like ok this is a test, they want to know that I’m interested before they start opening up and so you just keep the faith and keep texting and you eventually convince them to go on a date and the date goes fine but not great and you’re unsure of the next step so you’re like, hey, at least I got the date, they must be interested, I’ll go for the hug. So you go for a two arm hug and they go one arm on you and it’s like oh, ok that was an interesting move I thought after the month of talking and the date you might be past a one arm hug but ok maybe this is just more of the test, I just need to keep going and break those walls down because they’re still working through some things and everyone needs their own time. So you keep talking to them not expecting much and after the date they become much more flirty and they it feels obvious that they’re much more into you but you’re still questioning it because of their past ambivalence so you’re afraid to really push after it, I mean you’re obviously friendly and you make it apparent that you’re still interested but you’re terrified to take it further than that into a more serious territory and besides they’re leaving for the summer anyway so be patient and see what happens. But then they text you one day and say they’re totally down for a second date and you go on the second date and it goes wayyyyy better than the first one and you’re feeling great, you think they’re feeling great and the end of it you think about going for it but you get frighetend because of the previously stated fears and you decide to take it slow and just go for the hug again and take it from there and you’re going for it and you’re going for it and OHMYGOD they one-armed you again after all that. So then you kind of stop talking and then they leave for the summer but then you see them again at school the next semester and neither of you has any idea how to approach it.

Anyway, to get to the point: No one scored even though it seemed like there were multiple chances on both sides and overall it was just kind of weird. Atlanta United was outshot 11-6 but had two more shots on target.

13 minutes into the second half, Atlanta finally broke through.

The goal was Josef’s 18th on the year. He currently leads the Golden Boot race by seven (!!!).

Then my stream went out because it started raining and apparently, my bar uses satellite??\

We scored again in this time period.

And then Atlanta won. They won! Isn’t that great and fun?! Winning! Yay!

Their next game is Sunday, July 15 back in Atlanta against Seattle.