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Miguel Almiron’s goals are not a necessity for Atlanta United

Tata Martino says the team doesn’t need a ton of goals from their No. 10.

MLS: Columbus Crew at Atlanta United FC Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The last time Miguel Almiron scored a goal was over a month and a half ago. He scored two goals against Orlando City back on June 30. For a player who attacks the goal as often as Almiron does, a month-long drought can be frustrating.

Almiron scored Atlanta’s third goal to seal three points against Columbus last night and helped his club stay atop the Supporters’ Shield standings and first place in the Eastern Conference. For anyone that’s been watching the young Paraguayan that last few weeks, Almiron has seemed frustrated and desperate to notch goals, specifically high percentage chances that could take or extend a lead.

“I think he’s going to be much calmer after converting this goal. It’s been a while he’s been looking for it,” Tata Martino told the media after the match.

However, Almiron doesn’t need to score to be a successful player with Atlanta United.

“He gives the club so much through his effort and play, so much so that for us it’s not important that he’s doesn’t score goals. I feel bad when we play down the flanks and we can’t convince him that there’s a moment where he doesn’t have to participate in the build up, but instead he should be getting into the box with Josef,” Martino said.

Martino explained that Josef attracts enough attention that whoever is making the second run on the opposing post simply taps the ball in to score should it get through the box untouched.

“It doesn’t bother us that Miguel isn’t scoring because he offers so much in everything else - a lot of recovery, a lot of running, a lot of marking, a lot from his play,” Martino added.

These are the thing’s Martino told Almiron during the month and a half the Paraguay hadn’t scored. As sincere as his words were, it didn’t seem to help his player much.

“I clearly didn’t achieve my objective. He was still as anxious as always,” Martino told the media jokingly.

If you caught Almiron’s celebration, he was clearly relieved. If not, well here’s the proof...