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Leandro Gonzalez Pirez cherishing fatherhood amidst end of season stretch

the defender is enjoying dad duties.

MLS: MLS All-Star-Homegrown Game Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a great week for Leandro Gonzalez Pirez.

Last Wednesday, the Argentinian and his wife welcomed their first child, Emilia Gonzalez Dibos, into the world. Two days later, he scored his first goal of the season against rival Orlando City.

The defender gave a status report on little Emilia during media availability on Tuesday.

“She’s healthy. Everything’s good.”

As anyone can imagine, Gonzalez Pirez admitted that it was initially difficult to manage his time between the field and the new baby.

“It was tough the first days, but as time passes, I’ve learned to put my mind at the training ground while I’m here and then put my mind with my family at home.”

Gonzalez Pirez has been pleasantly surprised at the amount of sleep he’s been able to get this past week, although it’s still not ideal.

“She’s amazing,” said Gonzalez Pirez. “She’s quiet, so I can sleep. It’s still less hours than I’m used to, but it’s still four or five hours.”

Ultimately though, Gonzalez Pirez is grateful for his newfound fatherhood. When he’s done with training, his daughter is all he thinks about.

“When I go home and see her, it’s amazing. I take her in my hands and stay with her all the time.”

Congratulations again to Gonzalez Pirez and his wife. Congrats also to Emilia for, well, life. I’m sure she’s enjoying her Atlanta United onesie.