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Fernando Fiore discusses Tata Martino’s rumored contact with Argentina

The Fox Sports panelist had a lot to say regarding the reports.

2018 Fox Network Upfront Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Shortly after the conclusion of Tuesday’s U.S. vs. Mexico match in Nashville, Fox Sports panelist and proud Argentinian Fernando Fiore spoke with DSS to discuss major news circling around Atlanta United, with reports of the Argentina FA negotiating with Tata Martino for a potential managerial return. We thank Fernando for his time.

Twitter: @FernandoFiore

DSS: What are your general thoughts of Tata Martino once again being linked to the Argentina job?

FF: “It’s difficult to do a second stint, especially for the Argentina national team,” said Fiore. “Alfio Basile did it and it ended up really bad the second time around. I don’t know if it’s a wise decision, especially for a guy like Martino who I think is having a great time in the U.S.

My concern as an Argentinian is that the federation is a mess. I can’t imagine how the people actually being approached to coach feel. To leave a team that you are having a good moment with and a good stint with to be the national team coach is very difficult and I can site someone in a similar situation. Diego Simeone is having a great time with Atletico Madrid and is the preferred choice of Argentinian fans, but is he going to leave a good team where he’s happy and respected to go to a federation that one year thinks Jorge Sampaoli is the best choice and then the next year they try to fire him without paying the rest of his contract? It’s going to be difficult for a person like Martino to leave Atlanta for Argentina.”

Editor’s note: It’s important to mention that one of the reported reasons for Martino’s resignation from Argentina in 2016 was a “failure to receive his wages for seven months”, according to

DSS: So why would Martino subject himself to that kind of treatment yet again?

“I’m not in his head, but usually for coaches at the highest level, to be so close to winning a title with two finals appearances in Copa America and then to come back might be his opportunity for revenge,” said Fiore. “That’s the only thing I can think of, but again I’m not sure. That’s only in his mind.

Will he trade all the good things that are going for him in MLS and Atlanta for a big mess in Argentina? We don’t even know if Lionel Messi wants to come back to play. I just don’t know, man. I don’t see Argentina having a calm and peaceful scenario for years to come. I hope I’m wrong. I hope everything gets better like magic. I hope the federation somehow does the right thing, they get the right coach, and we can finally win. A trophy is something we’ve been missing since 1993.”

DSS: What do you think the reaction to Martino returning to Argentina would be from fans of La Albiceleste?

“I haven’t lived in Argentina for quite some time, but according to my contacts, the federation was looking to have a coach like Simeone or Mauricio Pochettino, two coaches who are having a great time in Europe,” said Fiore. “I don’t know if the fans in Argentina are looking for Martino to come back. He wasn’t the most beloved coach of all time. It’s always difficult to go back for a second stint, but especially for the Argentina national team.”

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