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Frank de Boer’s staff at Atlanta United finalized

Some new faces, and a few familiar names.

We now know the names that are set to join Frank de Boer on the sidelines for Atlanta United in 2019. While de Boer will bring in a pair of close confidants, a couple of familiar names already in the organization will join him.

The new faces are Orlando Trustfull and Bob de Klerk. After a decade-plus playing career, Trustfull began his coaching career in the Ajax youth system, eventually working his way up the ranks as an assistant with the Netherlands’ U-17 and U-19 teams before joining de Boer’s staff with the Ajax senior team in 2015. From there, he followed de Boer to Inter and Crystal Palace. De Klerk coached in Ajax’s youth academy for nearly a decade before joining Toronto FC as an assistant under Aron Winter. After a stint in China, he moved back to North America to become the technical director for a Canadian club.

The holdovers are Rob Valentino - promoted from ATL UTD 2 - and goalkeeper coach Aron Hyde, so that will help provide some continuity between the old and new staffs. As for Trustfull and de Klerk (and de Boer, for that matter), their deep youth coaching experience can only help as younger players look to develop and break through to get eventual first team minutes.