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Five of the best Atlanta United home kit design concepts we’ve seen

A new home kit is coming. Here are five of the best fan ideas we’ve seen.

It’s that glorious time of the year again. The time for Atlanta United and every other MLS team to shed one of their kit combinations and add one to their wardrobe. This season, it’s time for the home kit to get a new look. Darren Eales confirmed last year that the Five Stripes home strip will indeed be the one to be changed for this upcoming season.

We don’t know any official details of the new home kit, not even the exact release date. We can assume that it will be unveiled relatively soon with only one month until the team starts playing competitive matches.

We’ve scoured the internet for five of the best design concepts for what the new home kit could look like. Here’s what we found.


(via @conradburry on Twitter)

One of our favorite graphic designers is back at it with another strong concept. Conrad Burry’s take offers an inverse of the inaugural iteration of the “Five Stripes” design, giving the shirt a predominantly black look rather than red. A few little details have also been added such as the popular “5 Stripes Don’t Stop” motto in the bottom right and the traditional star above the club’s crest that signifies the MLS Cup victory.

(via Matt Armstrong)

Matt Armstrong has two different concepts show up on our list. This one is similar to Conrad’s in that it too inverses the color scheme to a more black look. However, he goes a step further and add black shorts. Personally, I think this looks rather sharp. Also, going to a more powerful black scheme could possibly cut down on kit clashes allowing for usage of the primary kit more often than not.


Perez Design’s offering is one of the more unique designs out there. The stripes on their design have been slimmed down and been given a scanline effect to boot. I’m sure this one would would draw very mixed reviews, but the uniqueness was enough for us to want to at least showcase it for the range of possibilities.

This ATL UTD Five Stripes concept kit is Your thoughts? : Matt Armstrong

Posted by Atlanta United Fan TV on Monday, May 28, 2018

(via Matt Armstrong)

Matt Armstrong’s second design that caught our eye is an older one (hence no star), but probably the most unique idea of the bunch. It’s not too different from his first one on our list, but instead of the usual stripes design, he’s replaced them with two spikes. This would surely be a bold kit design, but it would be a very cool nod to the fans.

Another #ATLUTD concept kit to consider : Saintetixx

Posted by Atlanta United Fan TV on Saturday, January 5, 2019


While the “Five Stripes” design is something most Atlanta United fans hope the club keeps, I’ve heard whispers that it could be altered. This design by saintetixx is evidence that a non-Five Stripes kit can still look very good. My personal preference would be that the club continue on with the same look to build to some tradition, but if they choose not to, this idea is something that is at least very aesthetically pleasing.

What do you think of these concepts? Have you seen any better ones that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments.