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Pity Martinez is already trying to nutmeg everyone in sight

Maybe next time.


If you’re a fan of highlight reel mixtapes, you’re going to be a huge fan of Atlanta United’s newest signing. It’s almost impossible to find a YouTube video of Pity Martinez where he’s not putting the ball through a defender’s legs and/or spinning them like a top.

Not even a week into his Atlanta United career and he’s already going for them in training. Check him out here attempting to embarrass Tito Villalba during a passing drill:

Tito wasn’t having it this time as he cleverly blocked it. But, you can just tell that Pity will be pulling these off with regularity when the games matter like he has in his entire career. We cannot wait to see how many defenders he leaves in his dust. Perhaps we’ll keep a running tally of who he embarrasses and how many times he does it...