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DSS Emergency Roundtable: What should Atlanta United do tonight?

Do you roll with the superego and try to avoid eating nuts in your house or is it the id, and you make Philadelphia eat the nuts, INBOX ITS A ROUNDTABLE WOOOOO!

MLS: Atlanta United FC at Orlando City SC Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There’s some controversy in the old writer’s room, so Tiotal Football invoked his one “roundtable” for the year...

Tonight in the Eastern Conference Semi-final against the Philadelphia Union, should Atlanta United play it safe - avoid mistakes and control the game, or should it put the [somewhat injured] thing in “Sport Mode” and torque shift on Riverside Drive, right in front of the big ugly mansions and launch it? Does this make sense?

Joe Patrick

Ugh, ok.

J. Sam Jones

@channel Y’ALL GET IN HERE FOR A ROUNDTABLE hops in’ 98 Jeep Cherokee, carefully looks over his right shoulder as he backs out of a parking spot, (fuel indicator shows there’s plenty) then begins the modest commute from Athens to Mercedes Benz Stadium, he’ll probably just do some self reflection for the first half hour or so

Josh Bagriansky

Why sit back with a makeshift defense? All that does is ask for great performances from said makeshift defense in order to get a result. Meanwhile, the Union conceded 50 goals this season. They’ve not secured a clean sheet since May. Atlanta have the best goalscorer on the pitch and finally are full strength in attack, despite the makeshift backline. Therefore I’d like to see business as usual with Atlanta coming out to attack and control possession and tempo There’s no reason the Five Stripes should struggle to create chances against this defense and if they score 2 or more goals that should make up for any personnel problems with the defense.

Kudzi Musarurwa

Very behind on Atlanta news but there’s injuries at the back right? Sit tight for a little, get comfortable then go for it

Rob Usry

As my friend Mike Foltynewicz says, Don’t be a little [redacted]. It’s the last game of the year, Brent. Can’t hold anything back.

Sam Franco

Run at them early... maybe first 15. Try and get an early Josef goal. Also, see what their approach is. Are they coming in hot with the high press?

Tiotal Football

Glad you asked, Sam.

Gerardo “Tata” Martino, posthumously

“You play the playoffs differently (than the regular season) in any part of the world, look at the Copa Libertadores and see if they play the same there as compared to the first round or in the tournament. It’s clear that teams prioritize the need to avoid errors because if you lose a league game in Week 9 and then you win in 10, 11, and 12 then nothing happens, once again you’re up in the standings. But here when you make a mistake and commit an error, you’re eating nuts in your house.”

MLS: Portland Timbers at Atlanta United FC Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Kessler

Run and gun. Air raid offense.

Colorado v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

The biggest issue for Atlanta coming into this game is fan expectations. we are playing at home, against a team that is coming off an emotional comeback win against the Red Bulls and a couple of their stars are injured. Atlanta has its own shares of injuries and yellow card accumulation issues. The first 15 mins will be a litmus test for this game. If im FDB, I go at there throats for 15 mins try and nick a goal and then sit back and play smart counter attacking soccer against their high press. and for the love of god LGP dont get a CARD!

John Fuller

My opinion: round tables are tacky. How about a nice rectangular one, maybe with slightly elliptical long sides?

As to the tactical approach tonight, four at the back strikes me as a good option, most likely Pogba-Gonzalez Pirez-Larentowicz-Escobar. That should allow for a strong press against a team that should still be tired while giving them limited attacking space. Go with the lead foot from the opening whistle and make them chase. Get an early goal, but don’t let up; bunkering is for cowards.

Sydney Hunte

This is 100% going to penalties and Josef Martinez is getting the winning one. And LAFC will lose to the Galaxy.

J. Sam Jones (somewhere on US-29 S via speech to text, which we did not edit at all)

I’m not saying sit back but I’m not saying like go straight for it and try to play chaos ball against Philadelphia I think they’re really getting that kind of fries in that situation if you’re gonna do that I bet you probably have to play someone like Kady Martinez was actually in I’ll go to creating things and like Emerson nine man who is just kind of Emerson home it is definitely there but you don’t want to bring it don’t wanna bring a stick to an L senior fight you don’t want to try it out like crazy this Philadelphia team I don’t think they score a lot the score a lot the score a lotDon’t let them score a lot

Tiotal Football

Sam, I have no idea what that was, or how to make the headings the proper size in your absence, but while I’ve been over here thinking that playing it safe is the way to go, Joe’s post this morning mentioning Philly’s fatigue got me thinking that a wide open game —while dangerous as hell and with a much higher variance —probably maximizes Atlanta’s chances of cruising past Philadelphia in the last half hour. Philly likes to press, Atlanta likes to press, Atlanta’s at home with an extra day of rest with (likely) Tito Villalba and Pity Martinez on the bench to be called upon to square up with “L senior” as Sam’s phone calls him. An active game minimizes the chances of extra time and a PK shootout - which favor the away side. I don’t know, this is tough, and I don’t think we answer the question, as usual.

What do you guys think? I’ve been told there is comment functionality on this website.