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Join Dirty South Soccer’s Playoff Fantasy League

Pick the winners and win internet points!

MLS: FC Cincinnati at Atlanta United FC Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not sure if one of y’all created this thing or if just automatically regenerated from last year, but Dirty South Soccer’s playoff pickem league is back! I was notified of this development by a friend irl who texted saying he’d joined. I then joined. And you should to!

The league website says you can win “prizes.” Funnily enough, the top prize is an “Audi driving experience” which is valued at $7,000 because someone at Audi was like “uhhh, sure seven grand seems fine.” OTHER PRIZES include a season ticket package or gift cards from $500-$100.

So good luck to all of your teams and I hope one of our league’s players does well enough to earn one of the prizes, just not so well that you win the top prize, which nobody really wants.

Our league’s top winner will be featured in a Clear & Obvious post that may or may not be a dramatic retelling of behind the scenes access during a Frank de Boer halftime team talk.