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We can’t say much more, but we’ll try.

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Over the last 25 days, Clear & Obvious and DSS raised money for Fugees Family through the power of content*. Our goal was for the 17’s to raise $1,717 this holiday season for one of our favorite non-profits. We’ve ALREADY MET OUR FIRST GOAL AND OUR SECOND GOAL AND RAISED OVER $5,700. MY GOD. You can continue to donate and find out more about Fugees Family by going here:

A Merry Happy Contentmas Day #25 to you.

*not all pieces of content were winners but hey, what can you do?

Unreal, y’all.

Over the course of 25 days y’all have raised $5,737 for Fugees Family. We started with an initial goal of $1,717 and, like we figured would happen, y’all met that goal much quicker than we anticipated. And then y’all met the second goal. And then y’all went a little bit beyond that.

Over 90 people donated and we can’t thank y’all enough or express how lucky we are to have readers/twitter followers/podcast listeners/hate watchers that we can challenge like this and have them come through time and time again.

But this doesn’t fix everything.

This doesn’t fix every problem facing Fugees Family, this doesn’t solve the refugee crisis, this doesn’t fix the giant heap of Other Shit happening everywhere else.

What did do though is raise enough money to potentially get:

  1. Snacks for the entire school...for 114 weeks.

2. A full soccer uniform...for 38 students.

3. After school tutoring support for 11 weeks.

4. Some combination of the items listed in 1-3

That’s not everything. But it is more. And more adds up.

What we owe to each other is more. Whatever we can add to each other’s lives to make them better in some way. Even if that addition is small. Make tiny changes and watch how they add up over time. Or don’t. You may never see how it adds up honestly. It’s just part of the deal. That doesn’t lessen the impact.

The best thing about sports are the infrastructures they provide to build communities and we’re so grateful to have a community that will help us make tiny changes. Thanks so much for being a part of it in some way the last few years and going forward.

Happy Holidays, and Merry Happy Contentmas from DSS.