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Pity’s Panna Parade, Volume I: Everyone remembers their first

Sounders’ Gustav Svensson gets acquainted with El Pity.

Pity Martinez has made a career out of humiliating defenders at every chance he gets. Now that he’s an Atlanta United player, it would be a disservice to him and the club not to acknowledge him destroying every single player who tries to stop him. In this series, we’ll be highlighting every time El Pity embarrasses another player just for fun:

Volume I: Everyone remembers their first

It took no time at all for Pity to make his presence known to anyone trying to stop him. In the club’s first preseason action of 2019, The Crazy One introduced himself to the Seattle Sounders’ Gustav Svennson in a very rude fashion:

(via @ATLUTD on Twitter)

Disrespect Rating: 3 Stars out of 5