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WATCH: Eales, Bocanegra discuss Almiron transfer and Atlanta United’s philosophy

The club’s brass is pleased with the direction they are going.

MLS: Atlanta United FC-Press Conference Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Nearly a week after Miguel Almiron’s MLS record transfer to Newcastle United, Atlanta United have released a video of the club’s two main decision makers discussing the deal. Below is the full video of President Darren Eales and Vice President/Technical Director Carlos Bocanegra talking about why they decided to sell one of the club’s best players and how it fits with their overall philosophy:

Both Eales and Bocanegra admit that selling Almiron was the plan the whole time and exactly how they envisioned the club operating in the global market as a representative of MLS. While this should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the club since its inception, this is a good explainer for the newcomers who may not understand why their favorite sports team would gladly get rid of their best player and even celebrate doing it.

Selling Miggy is a message to the world that Atlanta United is one of the best destinations for up and coming stars of the world’s game. The rumored $27 million transfer fee paid by Newcastle is proof of concept.

While we all loved watching Miggy in Atlanta, his departure helps the case of the club bringing in the next Almiron who hopes to use the club as a springboard to the best leagues in Europe. Perhaps in 20 or 30 years MLS will be the destination that top players want to land. For now, the club are doing the best they can to ensure they can attract the best players logically possible.