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Watch: Atlanta United players receive 2018 MLS Cup championship rings

Happy RINGZ day!


This is fun. We like fun.

Atlanta United players received their championship rings today in what looked to be a light-hearted ceremony on a recovery day after last night’s second leg win/elimination against CF Monterrey in the Concacaf Champions League.

I like this a lot. It reminds me of the perfunctory end-of-coach-pitch-baseball season party. Fun! Except instead of getting one of those medals with the red, white and blue straps or one of the plastic trophies where the bat breaks off at the hands on the car ride home, they got $10k rings (I don’t know how expensive they are).

My favorite thing about this video is:

My second favorite thing is how they all get their picture taken at the end like their holding a diploma, except they’re holding a my personal net-worth’s amount of diamonds and a bottle of rye whiskey.

What are your favorite things about this?